GloHealth launches new Family Protection Package providing FREE family life cover

GloHealth launches new Family Protection Package providing FREE family life cover

An independent survey, commissioned by GloHealth and carried out by Eumom, has revealed over four in ten mothers turn to the Internet rather than a GP to diagnose their children’s medical condition.

The survey results show that 43% of mums use the Internet as the first place for advice when dealing with a sick child rather than going to a GP or the pharmacist.

According to Dr Conor Fitzgerald, the GloHealth medical doctor, said that he had two main concerns about using the Internet for the health of our children.    130612_M2_080

“Firstly, if your children have a serious condition, it might go undetected and untreated without a professional, medical examination by a doctor. Secondly, Internet searches often lead parents to believe their child might have a more serious condition than is actually the case, creating unnecessary worry.”

The survey also found that the 95% of mothers in Ireland put protecting their families’ health and well-being ahead of their own health and well-being. 

It revealed that 2 out of 3 mums surveyed by Eumom had health insurance, 14% relied on a medical card and 19% had neither health insurance nor a medical card. The majority of those with no health insurance cited costs and their own financial difficulties as the main reason for not having health cover. 

The survey results were released at the launch of GloHealth’s new Family Protection Package.

This package is specially designed to meet the needs of families and includes sudden adult death screening and the ‘flu vaccine. In addition, GloHealth will provide all members who choose this package with free family life cover. Customers can include this package in their health insurance plan at no extra cost.

Mr Jim Dowdall, CEO of GloHealth said “This independent survey highlights the importance mothers place on being able to protect their families’ health and well-being and the difficulties they face in trying to do so.  GloHealth continually listens to the needs of consumers and recognises the financial strains families are under.

“We know that being able to tailor your health insurance to suit your needs delivers the best possible value for families. The new Family Protection Package can be added to customer’s plans at no extra cost also provides free family life insurance, which was identified by consumers as an important benefit. 

Furthermore, all of GloHealth’s plans provide full access to a nurse telephone line, 24/7, so if you are worried about your child you can discuss their symptoms with a nurse anytime, day or night.”   130612_M2_158

This innovative and personalised approach to the health insurance has resulted in more than 50,000 people joining GloHealth in the past 11 months. 

Full details of the policies on offer are available at


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