Don’t Walk Before you Crawl!

Mothercare to Stock Irish Mum’s Baby Crawl SuitAn innovative new Irish designed suit, which encourages babies to crawl, has been snapped up by the major childcare retailer Mothercare, and goes on sale ( in selected stores ) later this month priced at €14.99. They are currently on sale through the company’s own

Creeper Crawlers is the brainchild of ‘mumtrepreneur’ Ollwyn Moran from Dublin, who designed the one-piece crawl-suit to provide traction on modern wooden and tile floors to increase the chance that babies will crawl successfully.   Bug Hugs 077

‘Less slipping, more gripping’ is the Creeper Crawlers objective, and designer Ollwyn Moran, who is a Secondary School Science Teacher and a Neurological Developmental Therapist, believes that crawling is an essential developmental phase for babies necessary for promoting healthy body and brain connections.

Made from 100% soft natural cotton, Creeper Crawlers were developed and tested with a group of parents and babies to identify the best non-intrusive grip on the crawl-suit.  To date, all of the babies using them have crawled more happily, more successfully, and for longer, an outcome Ollwyn believes can actually help reduce the incidence of learning and behavioural difficulties, as children grow.

“In the last 15 years there has been a rise in both mild learning difficulties and behavioural problems in young children that has coincided with a move away from babies crawling.  Carpets have been replaced by wooden and tiled floors, which are much healthier for the respiratory system, but provide absolutely no traction for a baby trying to get a grip on the floor to move forward”, Ollwyn says.

Bug Hugs 082“Creeper Crawlers is a simple solution to encouraging crawling, particularly where tile or wood dominates the household flooring.  Babies slip, slide, get frustrated and then give up on crawling; maybe resorting to bum-shuffling or going straight to walking, thereby missing out on a significant stage of brain/neurological development which can later present as mild learning difficulties and behavioural problems”.

This young working mum has spent two years getting Creeper Crawlers into production. She feels that many of the difficulties children experience in school may be avoided if they are encouraged to pass through the crawling stage of development.

As well as being a Secondary School Science Teacher and part-time college lecturer, Ollwyn is also a mother of two young boys aged 6 and 8.  She trained as a Neurological Developmental Therapist with the Institute of Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP) in Chester, in the UK, in 2000, which looks at how the brain communicates with the body and vice versa.

In 2012 while studying for her Masters in Education in NUI Maynooth, Ollwyn entered and won the college’s Student Entrepreneur Competition with the idea for the crawl suit with grips, a concept she originally thought about when she saw the difficulties her first child had trying to crawl on wooden and tile floors.   She also went on to win Business Parent of the Year in November.

Ollwyn feels that it is a huge endorsement for the design of her crawl suit now that Creeper Crawlers will be stocked by Mothercare; a retailer renowned for its reputation and association with innovative baby products and trusted by parents for generations.

“Creeper Crawlers is about supporting children’s development. The satisfaction of seeing this product idea come to life and being stocked by a major international retailer is really encouraging.  It has already got me thinking about creating other childcare and baby goods with a developmental function”, Ollwyn says.

Ollwyn provides innovative and interactive talks to parents on how to improve and facilitate healthy brain development in babies.

Creeper Crawlers are available in three colours, cream, pink, and blue, in sizes 6-9 months and 9-12 months. Priced at €14.99 each, the practical crawl-suits are available online or in selected Mothercare stores countrywide.



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