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Child Psychologist

Q. My 7 year old has a very bad attitude towards his parents especially his father. He does not like any form of discipline and reacts very defensively and abusively. He is dis-respectful and always seems to be moody and grumpy. Is this just his age?

A. You sound frustrated and annoyed with your child and I certainly understand. It is difficulty for parents when a child seems to be angry all the time and resists reasonable authority.

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Child’s Play is Big Business Fraggles Play Café is launched

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A new play experience, exclusively for toddlers, Fraggles Play Café, launched yesterday (13th October) in the busy Dublin suburb of Rathfarnham, beside the Eden House Pub. The brainchild of Suzanne Zelman, a Dublin mum of two, with a background in the hospitality industry, Fraggles Play Café uniquely caters for under-fives, charging just €6.00 for one child, […]

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